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Keys to Successful Off-Campus Living

  • SAIS Guide to Washington, D.C.

    Comprehensive guide to living in D.C. including information on temporary housing, neighborhoods, gyms, banking, taxes, phones, and other helpful resources.

  • Important Questions to Ask Your Landlord or Realtor Before Signing a Lease:
    1. Is the apartment furnished, and if so, is there an extra deposit? If not, is there a furniture rental option through the agency? Note: Most housing in D.C. is unfurnished.
    2. Which utilities are included in the rent?
    3. On average, how much are the utilities per month?
    4. Are there laundry facilities available?
    5. How much is the security deposit?
    6. Is air conditioning available, and if so, how much does it cost on average?
    7. Is it permissible to sublet the apartment to another renter?
    8. Is residential or visitor parking available, and if so, what is the extra cost?
    9. Is public transportation nearby?
    10. Is grocery shopping available nearby?
    11. Is the neighborhood safe?
  • Housing Search Checklist
  • Preparing a Budget
  • Roommate Consideration